Revamping Me

So, I have finally decided to get back to blogging. The last time I let my mind a and hands flow freely was in high school, freshman year to be exact.

I’ve always felt like I HAD to be different, that I had to find something unique about myself in order to what other people were already doing, even if I enjoyed it. But that’s changed.

I’m in a different space. I was afraid to do things that I liked because it would ruin the “image” that people had of me. That even includes college. Two years down at UGA and I have had the most eye opening experience in my life.

  1. Every person isn’t your friend, but every person isn’t your enemy.
    1. This was one of the hardest lesson I have had to learn in life. I wanted everyone to like and I wanted to always feel included, but I felt more isolated when I wasn’t really comfortable with people around me. I also realized that having people you can have nice conversations with isn’t such a bad thing either. In two years, I know so many more people, BUT people gravitate more towards me because I’m doing things that I love and can relate to people who are enjoying what they are doing.
  2. You don’t have to fall in love with every guy on campus to find “Mr. One”
    1. Not even gonna lie, I was fortunate to find my boo 1st semester freshman year, but trust me, I won’t looking. It honestly just happened. Boundaries are important in college and I had mine. I swore off guys until I felt comfortable in the college setting and want to focus on school. I made a few close friends, and one night I met a guy who understood where I was coming from. And we clicked. Almost two years later, we’re still together and that’s a blessing, especially being long distance. But it takes work. College constantly pushes your boundaries and you have to recognize that sometimes you just process things differently and that’s not all bad.
  3. It’s okay to change your major.
    1. I came into college an Athletic Training and Exercise Science Double Major. I was in love with a dream and had mad respect for all the sports physicians I knew. But while I respected them, I didn’t necessarily love what they were doing and my classes were a reflection of that. Someone told me: “college is hard, but it shouldn’t be impossible.” Long story short, I changed my major to Human Development and Family Science, a Sports Management Minor with Pre- Law intent. After many career and personality assessments, I realized I’ve always be in love with law in sense. I believe that someone is innocent until proven otherwise, everyone deserves a fair chance and that justice is something that everyone deserves. It took some bad grades, and some self evaluation to get to this point, but for what it’s worth, I’m glad that I went through all of this.
  4. You are who you surround yourself with.
    1. If you want to be successful, you do things to make sure you can obtain your dream. I love mentoring and giving back. I love showing people why I chose my path for higher education. I love celebrating people’s differences. In college, there is so much to get involved in, but it is easy to get lost. I joined one club my freshman year: Georgia Daze. That one decision was the best thing that I have done. I realized that I love working with historically underrepresented students and celebrating why they are great. I love sports, meaningful community service, and healthy life styles. Georgia Daze is my foundation, I got to know so many different people in different areas with different interests. It helped me become sound in what I was passionate about and even helped me support others while they find their paths.
  5. There’s only one you. Embrace it.
    1. I have body image issues. I have since my younger years. I was so tempted to change who I was in college so that I could be accepted, but there was no point. Why? Because it’s so hard to keep up with a facade when it’s so easy to be yourself. I had to want to change because it was for the development of me, not to be accepted by other people.

Life is what we make it. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s difficult. But you only have one life, so embrace it.

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