Natural Hair

So many people do natural hair challenges: no heat, no weave, no color, etc. I decided to combine many of them to see my hair growth. My natural hair challenge: no extensions of any kind (weave, braids). no color. minimal- no heat (only with blow dryer). Now this challenge was really started by my boyfriend who really loves my natural hair (wash-n-go, twists outs, the whole nine yards), and he wanted to see my hair more. Now when he first presented this to me, I looked at him a little crazy, but nonetheless I accepted the challenge.

Now, this challenge was a birthday gift to him because he was just that serious about it. Now, my friends know, I am the one person who really does not want to their hair. I will wear a hat for three days with twists just to avoid having to actually doing something to my hair. I actually have to plan my hair for special events four days before so I can take as long as I can. So, May 20th, 2018 is the day, I will straighten my hair.

It’s been almost three weeks (yes, I’ve been keeping track… 49 weeks to go). So far, I’ve done two styles. My normal twist out and my puff. Even though that’s not really significant, I’ve noticed other things about my hair and lifestyles.

  1. My hair is extremely thick but takes forever to take to water.
  2. My color damage is almost completely gone!!!
  3. My hair doesn’t take to all the natural hair products I have (I purged the ones I knew didn’t work and donated to my friends who used them).
    1. I also went bought stuff I KNEW worked for my hair.
  4. I started eating a lot healthier. (part of that due to no meal plan and having to learn to cook more meals).
  5. I’m more gentle with my hair and take of it more…
    1. Deep conditioning is amazing!
    2. Hot oil treatments are great too!
  6. My face appreciates me taking care of myself because my breakouts have slowed.
  7. I started taking a multivitamin and a hair vitamin.
    1. I like Mielle Organics and Mane Choice hair vitamins.
  8. I drink a gallon and a half of water a day.

If you want to follow my life journey a lot closer, follow me on Instagram at @imakenzie_.  Leave different style recommendations.



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