July Music Reviews

Albums up for review:

  1. Jay- Z “4:44”
  2. Demi Lovato “Sorry Not Sorry- Single”
  3. 2 Chainz “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”
  4. Bryson Tiller “True to Self”

Jay-Z dropped “4:44”, his long awaited response to Beyonce’s “Lemonade”, one of her most diverse albums to date. Now, Queen B talked about everything from women empowerment to martial infidelity, so you know Hov had to bring the heat. Jay discusses more than his infidelity to Bey; he is also putting the community on game about how to increase their wealth and keep it in the family. Jay- Z might have 99 problems, but trying to better his people ain’t never been one.

Initial Rating: 8.6/10

After Two Listens: 9.2/10 

Favorite Song on Album: 4:44

Demi. Demi. Demi. A Disney Start gone big. Some Disney stars have had their downfalls already, but Demi has weathered the storm. On her new single “Sorry Not Sorry”, she’s completely succeeded in removing herself from little kid image she once had and shows us that she’s not sorry for growing up and moving on. Your loss.

Initial Rating: 7.8/10

After Two Listens: 8.8/10

Best thing about single: Beat has great feedback, especially in the car and it’s an empowering anthem for the people moving on from situations.


2 CHAINZZZZZ aka Tity Boy will forever be a hometown favorite. Born and raised in College Park, he’s made himself more than a rapper. His latest studio album “Pretty Girls Love Trap Music” was turned into a movement, a way for him to get people to start to take action about their health and their appearance. First, he opened the ‘Trap Salon’ then had his own version of Sips & Strokes at the location, concluding with brunch and free health screenings. It picked up so much publicity that the 2017 Atlanta Greek Picnic might as well been in the yard of the “Pink Trap House”.

Initial Rating: 8.3/10

After Two Listens: 8.3/10

Favorite Tracks on Album: Burglar Bars and Sleep When U Die

Lastly, we’ve got Mr. Tiller on the 1s & 2s. While notorious for his remakes of hit songs, Bryson dropped his second studio album “True to Self”, an album that takes a look into his life. As a fresh face (well not completely new) into R&B, he brings dope beats with his unique lyrics to the table. “True to Self” doesn’t top “Trapsoul” for me, but I can appreciate him bringing new music to the game.

Initial Rating: 6/10

After Two Listens: 6.8/10

Favorite Song on Album: Somethin Tells Me


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