August Music Reviews

Summer’s winding down and college life is about to kick back up. August is the time when artists put out those bangers that will last you until the next year.

Meek Mill’s Wins & Losses was worth the wait.

Now, I have never been a die hard Meek fan. I do have a few favorites, such as Lord Knows, Been That and Check off of “Dreams Worth More than Money” and Amen from “Dreams and Nightmares”, but I could appreciate “Wins & Losses” for various reasons.

Reason #1: Meek had some bangers. Now, the shade in the album was to be expected. Meek has been apart of some beef with various artists over some months now, but F**k That Check Up and Connect the Dots had me turnt for about 6 miles on SR 316. These songs make my future mogul mode come alive, especially with the beats.

Reason #2: Meek gets personal. I was expecting this entire album to be diss tracks on top of diss tracks, but songs like Young Black America and Made It from Nothing talk about his life from childhood to now.

Reason #3: The intro and outro song. Now, every artist tells a story through their album, but I really did enjoy the songs Meek had. Not being a super fan, it made me appreciate why he comes so hard in his music and gives me a glimpse about what he’s all about.

Projected Album rating: 6.5/10

Album rating: 8.2/10

Favorite Songs: 1942 Flows, These Scars, Price


SZA’s Ctrl

You know how you have people that try to put you on to good music before they get really good? Well, SZA was one of those artists, but sadly, I failed to listen to her before this album.

Now, first thing: I did NOT know how to pronounce this girl’s name and it bothered me for a while. But after many corrections from peers, I got it right.

Crtl wasn’t really on my radar until I heard it on SiriusXM. The Weekend was the first song I heard and I immediately had to listen to the rest of the tracks. SZA goes in the same stack as Solange, Jazmine Sullivan and Jhené Aiko. This album is something I can relate to so much that it stayed on constant replay for about two weeks.

With only 49 minutes of lyrical gold, SZA talks about insecurities, obstacles, and empowerment in ways that could seem disturbing to some but life- changing for others.

Songs like Love Galore bring to life the real sly ways of people who try to disturb your life peace, when they KNOW they have a relationship with someone else. Normal Girl discusses how you cannot be something you’re not and you just have to embrace the way you are.

I realized I had to listen to SZA for the message and not for the beat. I appreciate the album because it is applicable to so many facets and obstacles in life.

Initial Album rating: 6.0/10

Album rating (2 Listens Later): 8.9/10

Favorite songs: The Weekend, Doves in the Wind


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