Mixtape Monday #AugustEdition

I’m starting a new segment: Mixtape Monday, posts dedicated to upcoming artists who want to reach more people.

Artist: C.Y.N

Mixtape Title: Take 3 Street Symphony

Projected rating: 6.0/10

So, it’s been a while since I’ve listened to a mixtape. I forgot how raw and unfiltered people tend to be when creating them too, so it was nice to actually here someone’s music that wasn’t popularly known.

I listened all the way through with no interruptions and the intro was completely uncensored, depending on who you ask, that can be a good or bad. I wanted to count how many times I heard one specific word (when you listen, you’ll see what I’m talking about), but on the second listen, I actually listened to what was being said.

The intro itself:

  1. “Welcome to the sixth tape, the third take” Actually thought this was a one take type a track because of how hard CYN went.
  2. “Look in the mirror and see a God… Hold your queens high… Preserve life and chase a bag…” Honestly, connected with these lyrics on a spiritual level because as hard as the intro is, it’s actually great to know that this mixtape is more than just how to get women and flaunt for others. It lets you know that this is a real discussion about real life.
  3. “D Carter, Sorry for the wait… The real is back…” The mixtape is going to pay homage to other artists. Of course “the real is back” could have been CYN referring to himself but I instantly thought of J. Cole’s song “January 28th” which is Cole’s way of paying homage to Mr. Carter. And of course, we have to give respect to Wayne, because who would you be if you didn’t in some form or fashion?

The mixtape is not what I expected it to be. Usually, mixtapes fall into two categories: conscious and street conscious. But this one took both and made a new category: conscious improvements. C.Y.N recognized his surroundings, but made sure to incorporate how he was helping improve the circumstances. It’s one thing to talk about it, but another thing to be about it.

Favorite Tracks (Top 2):

  1. We Winning (ft. Dictator)
    1. I played this song and was immediately attracted to the beat. It honestly reminded me of a football hype video (before the lyrics). The feature was the perfect addition to the track. Personally, it’s a track I can relate to more than the others. “I gotta grind every day like I’m on vaca” will probably be my caption for a few months.
  2. When She Rule the World
    1. First thing that popped into my head: Nas and Lauryn Hill (I sung their entire song before I could write the review). Paying homage is something I love that upcoming artist do because it can show you who influences their style, but also shows how they can set themselves apart from people before them.

Overall: I would love to see the progression that C.Y.N makes. For my first time coming across an artist from Philly and not Atlanta, the lingo is something I had to listen for. Nonetheless, the messages in each song, the homage that is paid, and the realness poured into the songs is what made me attracted and continue to listen to the mixtape.

Overall Rating: 8/10

To the artist: continue to put your heart into your work. It shows how much you’re invested when you put “the perfect verse over a tight beat”. You’re doing great things, big things and one day, the world will be bumping to your music just as hard as I was. 

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