For Those Hidden Blessings…

gratitude: grat·i·tude

 the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness
Many people come in and out of your life: the reasons in this season. But some people are meant to stay no matter where life may take you or what may come your way.
To the two people who have held it down in more ways than possible: thank you.
Thank you for being the greatest sister-friends someone could ever ask for. Thank you for the support, the love, the “get-it-togethers”, the ride- or- die mentality, the “I got you no matter what”. (especially these past two weeks because chile… lol)
I wrote this post to show them off, to celebrate their #BlackGirlMagic, to let them know how much I appreciate them.
I could probably make a movie on EVERY thing that has happened in 519 alone, and people would probably wonder what is wrong with us.
No matter how many times I hear about dance memories, Pamoja and Georgia Dolls practices, or constant random bursts of songs and dance, I would never trade it for the world.
You guys are the epitome of friends for a reason, not a season. So hats off to you for not only seeing how crazy I am, but deciding that you were going to add to you.
I love you Ariana and Jordyn… You’re stuck with me now!

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