Self- Care Regimen 101

Over the summer, I made it my mission to make sure my skin and body was healthy and I am going to share with you just how I did that.

  1. Face regimen
    • fun fact: one of my friends found out from her professor that there is no correlation between acne/breakouts and the amount of water you drink… Interesting right? Well, I’m still going to drink my water.
    • Nighttime Routine
      • Supplies: Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Lemon Juice, Witch Hazel, Face Mask/ Face Wash (of your choice), Wash Cloth/ Cleansing Brush and cotton balls
        • First, I put ACV on a cotton ball and wipe my ENTIRE face and neck with it.
          • I know it stinks but I usually get a lot of dirt/sweat off my face.
        • Then I put lemon juice on a cotton ball and wipe my entire face and neck with that.
          • At this point, your entire face should feel opened up (including your nostrils with the smell of ACV)
        • I let this sit on my face for about five minutes (sometimes longer because I will be doing other tasks)
        • Next, I take a spray bottle with water and mist my face. After this, I’ll either use Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Charcoal & Black Sugar Face Mask or my Noxzema Original Cleansing Cream.
          • Depending on the Face Mask I have, I will also use Noxzema in addition because the peel off ones make me feel like I’m not cleaning my face.
        • I remove my face wash/ mask with a towel (the $2 pack of gray face cloths from Walmart.) This helps me see everything coming off my face.
          • Make sure to use HOT water to rise the towel in between wipes.
        • I wipe my face with witch hazel and then apply my Cucumber and Aloe Spray by Mario Badescu before using moisturizer.
        • Then I apply my moisturizer. My moisturizer is a mixture of: Olay Complete UV Moisturizer (75%) and Clean & Clear Morning Burst  Hydrating Gel Moisturizer (25%).
          • Neither feels heavy on my face, but adding the Clean & Clear Moisturizer makes my face feel lighter.
    • Morning Routine
      • I take a spray bottle with water and mist my face, then wash with Noxzema Original Cleansing Cream.
      • I remove my face wash/ mask with a towel, wipe my face with witch hazel and then apply my Cucumber and Aloe Spray.
      • Then I apply my moisturizer (Same combination!)
  2. Back Acne/ Dark Spots
    • Disclaimer: Dark Spots and Back Acne can come from various sources! Mine happen to come from years of exposure to the sun while sweating (I was a cheerleader in high school), and staying in sweaty shirts for a while (I know, disgusting).
      • I first went to the dermatologist to make sure it wasn’t anything else happening with my skin.
    • I stayed with the soap that worked! Dove has always worked for me. Sometimes, I thought I could use other soaps and it just irritated my skin SO MUCH!
    • I wipe by back and upper shoulders with my ACV and Lemon Juice. I rinse this off in the shower because it’s easier and less messy.
    • I use my Dove soap. and once I dry off, I put a little Vitamin E oil on my back.
    • The type of lotion you use can also irritate skin, so I stick with either Jergens  or Vaseline lotions.
      • My favorite Jergens are: The Original Scent, The Hydrating Coconut Oil and Ultra Healing.
      • My favorite Vaselines are: Cocoa Radiant and Essential Healing.
        • Their regular vaselines are amazing if you like to use that instead of lotion in the winter months.
  3. Foot Care
    • So I LOVE the nail salon, and will (unfortunately) spend up to $50 in there. But, when responsibilities get real and life is coming full speed, you learn to take care of things yourself.
      • I soak my feet in Epsom Salt and peppermint oil to get that relaxing feeling.
      • I will also scrub my feet if they’re looking a little rough.
    • But a quick and easy fix that helps overtime is coconut oil/ vaseline and thick socks!
      • If you put the coconut oil/ vaseline on CLEAN feet before you go to sleep, put your thick socks on and by morning, your feet would have absorbed it.
  4. Overall health
    • Meal prep became a god-send. Most people will say the worst thing about meal prep is that you eat the same bland food over and over again. WRONG! What i do is cook enough for two weeks.
      • With the chicken/ fish/ turkey, I make sure I have enough for at least 10 days.
      • With the sides, I cook enough for 12 days.
      • With the veggies and fruits, I cook those either for 3-4 days or as I go.
    • One thing that helped me was using a clean eating grocery list ( ). I printed it and highlighted things that I have eaten or tried before. It made shopping a whole lot easier!
    • I made sure to take my vitamins!
    • Drinking lots of water!
      • I will have a Lipton Citrus Green Tea or Celsius drink in the morning, and have water for the rest of the day! Making sure to also eat foods with lots of water help with the intake as well!
    • Go to the gym (or at least walk!)
      • I always feel more relaxed and rejuvenated after a workout. This also helps me stay focused and get rid of fatigue. I even go when I’m sick (I stick to the elliptical and carry Lysol wipes).

These few things have helped me feel and look my best! Comment with a few of your favorite beauty routines!

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