Miss Black and Gold

If you know me, you have never seen me in a pageant.  I will attend them just to see what people prepared and how the show turns out but I never thought I would be in one.

Yet, October 22nd, I found myself at my first practice for the Zeta Pi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc’s Miss Black and Gold Pageant.


Almost two months in, I have found a new appreciation for pageantry and everything that comes with it. So here’s a few things I’ve learned.

  1. Have a vision or else you’ll be scrambling.
    1. I knew a gist of what I wanted to look like, what I wanted to wear and what I was to say. So I made sure I started to prepare early. Once, I told my older sister I was participating, she told me everything I would need and we started searching for everything.
  2. Have people help you and talk to the coordinators.
    1. Some aspects of the pageant made me realize “Wow, I don’t think I’m the best at this”. Although it is a competition, do not be afraid to ask for help. If you don’t think you’re that talented, enlist the help of people that you feel like can help you. If you don’t know how something should look, ask the coordinators! They are there to help you and make you feel secure in the pageant. Talking to the coordinators also help you critique yourself. They can see things that you may not be able to see and can also make sure you are representing your best self on stage.
  3. Practice.
    1. When they say that practice makes perfect, they lied. Perfect practice makes perfect. Yo cannot continuously practice something wrong and expect it to change over night. You have to practice everything correctly or else, you won’t be in line with everything else. Practice even when you don’t want to. There are times I want to sleep, but I practice my speech in my bed, or I practice when I’m driving. I feel like after a while, it just became apart of me
  4. Be yourself!
    1. Sometimes, new situations make people uncomfortable, but just be yourself. That will go a long way and you won’t be trying to be someone you aren’t. But with that, talk to the other people in the pageant. You might not be the best of friends when it ends or throughout the process, but it brings a sense of community when everyone can enjoy each other’s company.

The pageant is January 28th, 2018 at the Oconee Civic Center. If you would like to donate to my campaign, you can do so through my GoFundMe –> click here

Love Always,


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