Dear Lord…


It’s me. You might remember me as a short girl, well not much shorter than I am now. And I had a bigger head, well it was more my forehead than anything.

Okay, that’s not the point.

I’m here to ask a few simple things. Just a few and I’m asking you this before Christmas, you know the time before everyone really starts asking for everything they could image. Just hear a sister out.

Well let me get to it.

Please fix my facial expressions in the New Year. You know every time someone says something that you would not have said aloud? Well, I make a face to that. I’m trying, but you know sometimes, it slips. I’m trying so just help a sister out here.

Please let me understand the art of being patient. In today’s world, everything is given in an instant and it makes waiting really hard. So just help me in that area. I know that your biggest blessings come to those that wait, so I’m just trying to really to be patient in 2018 and beyond.

Send an upstanding young black man to bless my life. Lord, I don’t have to be in a relationship right now. Let him treat me the same way my daddy treats me because chivalry isn’t dead (but can we keep the short jokes to a minimum? I know I’m not growing anymore). Let him praise your name. Let him know how to hold his own, but still loves to see me help him with stuff. And Lord, just let him be supportive, humble and independent. Let him know what it means to work hard but also know to have fun. I need someone who’s gonna take me out my working mode, but loves to help me with my projects and let’s me bounce ideas off of them. Let him wine and dine me, but also appreciate when I wine and dine him.

Bless these last semesters I have in undergrad and these law schools application requirements. I don’t remember applying to undergrad being this tedious, but Lord, guide the keys and my hands to type the best information I can and please place me where you know I will make the most impact. Let it be somewhere I will grow within my personal life and my career. I’m trying to help the good people. I know I can be a lot during the semester, but please helped me stay focused on these high grades and academic accolades we trying to accomplish.

I know this a little lengthy, so I’m going to wrap this up. But you know my intentions. Please make my heart pure and let me love unconditionally, especially when times get tough.

I know in 2017 you were preparing me, but I’m ready now, even when the times get tough. 2018 is about to be my year Lord.

Thanks for listening, I know you always got me.

One thought on “Dear Lord…

  1. Let me know when you are going to talk with God again so I can talk to him first and reduce what Santa is a place and time of year to ask Santa for everything and your Grandfather đź‘´ for for few.Thanks


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