To A New Year…

2017 has been a year. It has been a year of growth, change and appreciation.

I changed my major and minor, dropped anatomy and ended the Spring 2017 semester with a 3.42. Fall 2017, I loved the classes I was taking, even if one of them was an 8AM, and ended the semester with a 3.26.

I started this year in Nashville, TN celebrating a win for the University of Tennessee at their bowl game. It was an amazing behind the scenes experience for family and friends. This summer, I was also able to see my younger brother participate in his first collegiate invitation only basketball camp. I also went to visit my granddad for my spring break.

I spent the summer in Athens and was a Dawg Camp Special Programs Counselor for a week, while completing summer classes and helping the Office of Admissions with recruiting events.

I grew closer to my friends, celebrated my best friend’s daughter first birthday, became Vice President of Georgia Daze and a writer for UGA Elite.  I revamped my blog and spent time changing my eating and exercise habits for the better. I became more organized and started to become more financially responsible. My hair has become healthier, my makeup skills have improved and I became more organized.

2017 had many positives, but with that comes some downfalls.

  • My significant other and I went our separate ways
  • I lost my Auntie La and Nakisha
  • In the Fall 2016, I had a 2.0 semester GPA, which dropped my overall GPA to a 2.96.
  • I lost friends that I had been close with for years
  • I isolated myself because I was always comparing myself to others
  • I got turned down for a campus leadership position that I worked really hard for

Things may not have gone as planned but 2018 is looking very promising.

  • I will be interning this summer for the Student Success and Advising Center at UGA for the College of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • I am a participant in the Zeta Pi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc’s 2018 Miss Black and Gold Pageant

With a different mindset and a new perspective, I am ready for whatever is going to happen in 2018.

Dear 2017,

Thank you for the memories and the lessons. But it’s time to move on.

2018: I’m ready for you.

Happy New Year!

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