And We’re Back…

Classes has started again, which means campus is full of new faces, confusing routes and the humidity and heat. It was nice to feel like Athens was kind of to myself all summer, but nonetheless, we’re back.


BIG MILESTONE! (and Milestone #1) I moved into my first apartment. 

It is finally nice to not have to walk so far from my car to take an elevator/five flights of stairs in order to get into my room. But paying bills isn’t that much fun. But I decided that it was time for me to start preparing for the life I want to live and moving off campus was a great start (after talking about it numerous times with my mom)

I don’t have pictures of what the room looks like, but just know that it is comfortable and I have made the space something of my own. The space is really reflective of me and the peace I have achieved thus far in my life.

Tip from Lex: students, do not move off campus until you know you are ready. I stayed on campus for three years because I knew I was not mature enough to be fiscally responsible. I also just wasn’t in the mindset of really adulting yet.

Parents: don’t be afraid to go see the properties your student is looking at, especially if you’re helping with the rent. Also, don’t be afraid to tell them that you think they need to stay on campus another year. 


Milestone #2: I took the LSAT.

Was the studying fun? Not really.

Was the mental capacity of the test itself alot? Yes.

Was the test hard?  I say no. Especially if you looked over material.

The LSAT is not one of those test you can just go look at a few days before and then go take it. I started looking over something regarding logic games in May and June then I used the Khan Academy LSAT prep. I personalizes your study plan to help you get towards your goal score. I personally do not like prep classes but the Khan Academy prep really allowed me to work on the prep when I had time and even when I didn’t want to.

I have also started my application process, so if you know any attorneys or have any advice, please send it my way! (Everything is greatly appreciated)

Tip from Lex: really know if you want to go to Law School before you take the LSAT. The biggest thing for me was the price because I didn’t really know. There is also more prices associated with applying to Law School OUTSIDE of application fees. Really work on getting a good score and making sure your personal and diversity statements are really good. 


Milestone #3: Senior Year, is that you, playa?

Here’s to the last round of undergrad! I’m claiming that this last undergraduate year will be two semesters 3.5 or higher GPAs, three grad schools or job opportunities, crushing my overall fitness and health goals, the Dawgs winning the Natty (in more than just football- but football is the biggest one right now), and just overall enjoying myself. I know my village is preparing their wallets, energy and enthusiasm for the graduation festivities because May 10th 2019, we’re going LIVE!

Tip From Lex: Whether you’re a senior in high school or in college, enjoy this last year. Make as many memories as you can. Do anything your heart wants to do. Don’t let friends stop you from doing something you have an interest in. Going by yourself may be the best thing for the experience itself. 


Milestone #4: WE LIVE BABY! Finally taking my talents seriously

Many people may not know (or they may) that part of favorite things to do is makeup. For many years, I have been intrigued by the lives that are transformed and the women who love to enhance their natural features or try to do things looks, whether paying homage or participating in challenges.

I have decided to go fully public with my talents and build my clientle base to showcase my passions. Check out MadeUp With Lex on instagram @madeupwithlex. The great thing? I am willing to travel (with fees assessed and based on my availability).

A list of services and prices will be added to in addition to the MadeUpWithLex instagram page.

AlexasMakenzie.Com Updates

  1. Insights will become seasonal. There was positive responses to the Insights page and it makes me so happy. But to keep the content on a schedule, I will be switching the Insights over to a three- month time frame to allow me to focus on school, but  continue to provide great material.
  2. Guest Writers/Contributors: I think that allowing other people to write on topics of their choice will allow for people to find their niche, their passion, their drive. If you ever see a post/ article from someone other than me, show it some love! It will allow for people to grow.
  3. Have suggestions for topics? Submit them through the “Let’s Talk” tab! I’m glad to research and talk about anything people want to hear about.

You might some new things get posted or changed on the website so just lookout for those!

Let’s all strive to have a productive and minimal stress week!

Love you all!

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