What’s good 2019?

If 2018 was a meme, it’d be

2018 was really  an odd year but the biggest push in 2018 was being uncomfortable.

Originally, this post was a lesson I learned every month this year, but decided against it.

I did a pageant and won Miss Philanthropy. I was Vice President of the greatest org in UGA’s existence and soon became President. I drove to my first Spring Break excursion with friends and turned 21. I had my best semester at UGA and spent my summer interning, working and taking classes. I started a steady workout regimen and lost 10 pounds since May. I started my senior year, moved into my apartment and started adulting forreal (Bills are evil). My blog became two years old and I started my freelance makeup business. I became of member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and gained 105 new sisterfriends. I became closer (even though I don’t how its possible) with my best friend since 2nd grade and my siblings. I read two new books and listened to three new podcast. I also started a daily prayer/ journaling regimen and wore my natural hair more than I ususally do.

But along the way, some lessons came.

  1. Be confident in myself and strong in my beliefs.
  2. Silence is a gift; learn to value its essence.
  3. Do things that are fulfilling and worthwhile to you, not for other people
  4. Just Relax
  5. Your hard work has benefits
  6. It’s okay to cry
  7. Trust God’s Plan and be still

This year, I found myself more alone than normal, but it was a good alone — one that was needed. I spent more time finding myself and realizing who I was and what I want to be. This time helped me realized that law school wasn’t my immediate dream, I wanted a relationship, but there was things that I needed to change (or realize) about myself so I didn’t need to be in one. I often had trouble of letting other people fail because I knew how much they could do (Superwoman Syndrome). I hold my emotions in because I don’t want to make people upset, which in turn makes me upset.

Yeah. That meme is how I looked at myself half the time.

BUT I made the necessary changes along the way and I couldn’t be more proud of myself for sticking through them. 2018 was the year that I really realized where I wanted to be and I started to make the right step in those directions. Sometimes, it has been hard, but I know that it will all be worth in the end.

So what’s planned for 2019?

A little bit of this and little bit of that. More health conscious choices. More time in the gym. Closer to lifetime financial stability and generational wealth. THIS DEGREE and a couple after that. Enjoying the wonderful sisterhood of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Saying yes to new opportunities and focusing on my mental and spiritual health. Lastly, being tht much closer to God.

So, 2018 was a roller coaster, but 2019 will be a year where I step into what is meant for me. I will walk with faith in God’s word and promise while leaving the world better than I found it. This is the time to say “yes” to new opportunities and “no” to instances that hinder or detour positive progress. I will be better mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I will treat people better than how they treat me, understanding that every action does not need a reaction. I will have meaningful and prosperous relationships and will leave before things become toxic.

2019 is the year of winning. And that’s exactly what I plan to do.

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