Curing Sweet Tooths and Building Sweet Community

            TULSA, Ok. – It’s the First Friday of the Month and the downtown streets experience with Okies and visitors taking in the music, laughs and eclectic scenery. Tulsa’s history is already filled with changemakers; however, one unlikely place is bringing change in a way in which people have never experienced. 

            Antionette’s Baking Co is located on the corner of N Main Street and E Reconciliation Way and is one of the city’s most visited establishments today. The Bakery serves more than just cakes and cookies; customers are able to order macaroons, fresh baked bread, and can even have breakfast, lunch or brunch to enjoy with friends, community members and others. The bakery serves gluten free and vegan options to cater to more customers, and the response has been beyond positive since its move and reopening in 2015. 

            While co-owners Molly and Andrea have only been in the Tulsa Arts District in 2015, the bakery originally opened in 2012 in the Brookside neighborhood of Tulsa. Sweets have been the goal, yet the co-owners say that their mission is beyond baking. 

            “Growing up in Tulsa, you can see how the city is split by race, socioeconomic status, and the city is still recovering old wounds from its past. Baking, more so food, has always brought people together. That’s why we tend to cater for events at spaces such as Equality Center, Performing Arts Center and other areas where students and children tend to frequent with their gifts.” 

            Molly’s humble beginnings of 52 Flavors in 52 Days pushes her to work with students and families to really hone on their culinary skills when they present interest. “People always have talents and I really enjoy helping children and families find a way to bond and to express themselves through a different type of art. Although the bakery takes up majority of our time, we’re able to really build relationships with people in the community and of all different ages. It really helps me see change for this community start from within, and it lets me know that it is not too late for Tulsa to right any wrongs where injustice has happened.”

            Other community members say that Bakery’s move to the Arts District was strategic, and also great for the community of Tulsa. Tulsa is currently going through the process of unmasking events and areas related to the Tulsa Race Massacre, but Antionette’s is hoping that some good comes from these processes. “Tulsa is a gathering place and while we still have ways to go, we have come a lot further than most think. I’m just glad we can be a part of changing the dynamic in Tulsa.” 

            Antionette’s is open 7 days a week with varying hours, but the location serves a great spot to be engulfed within the Tulsa culture. 

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