My Story

I am Alexas, a fourth- year Human Development major and Sports Management minor (Pre-Law Intent) at the University of Georgia. 

My [seven] cardinals rules of life:

Love wholeheartedly.

Pray through the good and bad.

Even when you want to give up, keep going.

Success= hard work + passion + humility + grit

Celebrate who you are, not who people want you to be

You can start a new beginning whenever you want

Anything worth having is worth praying and working for



According to, almost one- third of college students report having felt so depressed that it inhibited their ability to function. So, I decided to show people that they are not alone. This is more than just natural hair tips and music reviews. This is for people who need a friend, but might not know how to reach out to one. This is for the people who may need to see that it is okay not to have it all together. This is for the people who just want to be able to express themselves. This is for the people who need to know that there is someone just like them. might be part of my story, but it could be the stepping stone for someone else’s masterpiece. 



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